Who Are We?

Taylor Industrial Clutch Supplies Ltd have a great amount of experience with an variety of different Industrial Clutches, and we have been providing a dedicated service of delivering parts to businesses all over the world. Our aim is to provide a worldwide service that offers technical advice specific to the maintenance of Taylor Clutch units.

To assist with the replacement of Taylor Parts, we have provided a PDF style document to help identify the type of clutch unit you require assistance with. The PDF documents provide adjustment instruction for both Pneumatic and Mechanical type Units. These PDF documents can be located within the Support section of the Site.

In addition to the PDF documents, we have a product gallery that contains Hi-Res images of replacement parts. Each item contains a description, guidelines for measuring and identifying each item, and fitting details. The product gallery can be located at the Product Section of the website.

For all our current customers who dont already know all payments should now be made out to:

Finally we would like to take this time to thank-you for your loyal custom.