What About Us?

May I take this opportunity to introduce our company, Taylor Industrial Clutch Supplies Limited, and give you an indication of the service we can provide.

Specifically established in 1994 by present Managing Director David Harrop with the aim to provide a comprehensive spare parts service for the Taylor range of multi disc Clutches and Brakes.

In 2001 our former company, Rochdale Industrial Clutch Supplies Limited acquired from Wichita Company Limited the full Taylor intellectual property rights including all drawings and stock.

The word reliability can be used to describe the Taylor Clutch and nearly 100 years after the company was formed as Taylor Brothers Limited, we are here to tend to your needs.

We carry extensive stocks of quality manufactured Friction Disc, Inner Disc, Brake Linings, Seals, Springs and Rotary Couplings plus many other recommended spares for the Taylor range of Pneumatic, Mechanical and Hydraulic Clutches.

See Products page for Images and more Information.

Spare parts are available ex stock with a next day courier service provided to minimise breakdown time. Complete units are manufactured to order to the full specification of the original unit.

Having many years experience involved with the Taylor unit and with comprehensive record dating back to the 50's we feel we can identify the unit in your possession and supply the spare parts, alternatively replace with new.

We trust the information is of interest and that we look forward to solving your Taylor problems as they occur. Assuring you of our best attention at all times.